Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has grown from what was known as Politics Teaching Office in 1950, one of the oldest offices in Dalian University of Technology, to an institution with 139 faculty members and an enrollment of 2253 degree candidates, including undergraduate and graduate students. It got its current name in 2010.  

The Faculty plays a leading role in Northeast China in humanities and social sciences teaching and academic research, making it a significant contributor to the local government decision making. There are excellent teaching and research facilities on its campus, including several education and research bases of ministerial and provincial levels and teaching and research centers. It offers a wide array of degree-granting undergraduate programs, 12 master’s degree programs and 4 doctoral degree programs. Now it has over 10 thousand alumni.

The Faculty has now established long-term stable collaboration with universities in the United States, Holland, Germany, Belgium, India, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

Mission & Vision

The Faculty is always committed to the highest standards of teaching, research and public service, aiming to become one of the most impactful figures in providing distinctive intellectual resources to promote progress and prosperity in our local, national and global communities.


Departments and Centers

Department of Public Administration

Department of Philosophy

Department of Journalism & Communication

Department of Chinese

Department of Law


Institute of Science of Science and Science & Technology Management

Center for Art Education

Center for Master of Public Administration

Experimental Teaching Center for Liberal Arts


Institute of Higher Education

Faculty and Staff

Currently, there is an academic and administrative staff of 28 professors, 45 associate professors and 41 lecturers, along with 16 support staff, 80% of whom have doctoral degrees.

The Faculty has a proud tradition of intellectual vigor with its eminent and passionate staff highly ranked in the education practice. Now the Faculty has 8 Chair Professors and Distinguished Professors, and it still has an overriding interest in teacher education and training and attracting to its community the most eminent scholars and teachers worldwide.